Importance of Social Media Scheduling for Social Media Marketing


What is Social Media Scheduling

Social Media Marketing is a significant part of building brand image and trust among your prospects. It can endeavor maximum audience engagement if done with consistency and creativity. But we have to accept that opening different social accounts on separate tabs, remembering every credential, typing captions, and daily updating the feed is nothing less than a struggle and part of a hectic schedule. 

But what if you can pre-plan and post your content without going through the aforementioned daily struggle? What if you don’t have to remember or login into different tabs? It is indeed possible, and there’s a term for that, i.e., Social Media Scheduling. Planning the content to post ahead of time reduces the daily struggle, allowing you more time to prepare quality content for your social media channels.

Why Shall I be Interested in Social Media Scheduling for my Business?

Covers For You Like A Good Friend

Potential clients or prospects engage more with active businesses and enterprises that post regularly. There is a high chance that you would lose a potential customer if you are not posting actively and relevant content, as there is already too much competition, irrespective of the field. While social media never sleeps, you do, and you need to! There may come situations where you cannot post for the day or even for the week, like having a hectic day, a sudden fever, or having a vacation. But it does not necessarily mean you have to be inactive or lose a client. You can still seem active without actually being physically available. You can schedule your content worth a week, a month, or even a year with the right tool, to upload while you can cater to other tasks on priority.

Scheduling Makes For A Consistent Theme

While planning several consecutive posts together, you are clear with your brand message and theme for each social media post which makes for more consistent & genuine content. The audience also gets what they followed your brand for in the first place. You cannot deny the notion that while planning individual posts, you may drift off from the brand message or the post theme, which results in a slightly irrelevant post.

Easier To Track, Maintain & Upload

As you can maintain all social handles be it Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, all from one place, it gets easier to diversify your content for various platforms. Also, you won’t have to use multiple apps as the scheduling software allows you to upload to different social sites from one central place. And, if you are an Agency that handles many businesses and clients simultaneously, you can post for all of them from one place, making tracking more accessible and saving you a lot of time.

Provides Alternate To An Inefficient Practice Of Overload Posting 

You must have seen brands posting all their content at once, overloading their followers’ feeds with hundreds or even thousands of posts. That may have worked in the past, but now it just throws your audience off track and forces them to unfollow your account to avoid spamming. So, rather than doing that, you can space your posts using social media scheduling, ensuring that you get the most out of your content and that the audience isn’t saturated. You can also save time when you schedule all the content simultaneously.

Best Tool for Social Media Scheduling

Before jumping on what tool is the best, first, you need to set your expectations. And the tool that aligns best with them is the right one. And we shall help you with the same. 

Essential Points To Keep In Mind While Selecting a Scheduling Software

  • It would be best if you had scheduling software that can smartly and accurately analyze audience engagement. This will help you mark the time when audience engagement is highest and schedule your posts accordingly.
  • There should be complete control over the post-scheduling dynamic. Once scheduled, the software should offer a hierarchy-based review system where dedicated team members approve the posts for relevancy, captions, and other irregularities before it goes live.
  • The most important thing to remember while selecting a smart social media scheduling software is to avoid that automated feel. You have to ensure that the audience doesn’t feel that they are just seeing computer-generated copies. You need a tool to help pre-plan everything yet make you seem spontaneous.
  • While scheduling is an incredible SMM practice to save time, it cannot replace that classic online communication. You don’t want your audience to see all of your content and then feel neglected if they’re going to interact or enquire about your service/product. You need a tool to help you reach out to every DM and comment as much as possible.

Which tool can deliver on all these expectations and more?

Now that you know what scheduling software should work like and how much it can offer, you should not settle for anything less than what was mentioned earlier. And before you go any further, wasting all your efforts finding a tool that does it all, we want to stop you right here, right now. Because we’ve already got one for you. We have saved your time to make up for the time you invested here while reading.

ZadPiper is something that will only deliver more than your expectations. ZadPiper is an innovative social media management tool helping Enterprises make their omnipresence felt in the social media market, Establish a loyal audience base, and build a Brand Image that Stands out! 

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